Switzerland Blooms in the Summertime

Switzerland Blooms in the Summertime

April 13, 2018

Switzerland is undoubtedly a magical destination. Blessed with soaring snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys and aquamarine lakes, it is truly an Alpine wonderland. 

There is a common misconception however, that this beautiful country is only a winter destination. Yes, it offers some of the best ski resorts in the world, and yes, the dramatic Swiss mountains are on every climber’s bucket list. But when the snow thaws, Switzerland blooms. In the summertime, there is much more to this enchanting country than first meets the eye. 

Switzerland is of course famous for its ‘great outdoors’, and the rugged Alpine landscape creates the perfect conditions not only for winter sports, but also for summertime activities. Winding roads and mountain paths provide fantastic opportunities for trekking and cycling, all set against the backdrop of Switzerland’s beautiful summer scenery. 

In terms of cycling, a wide range of options are available, from the “Light Tour” through flat countryside, which is perfect all ages and ability levels, to the challenging “Alpine Tour” across mountain passes and deep gorges. Adventurous visitors seeking a unique outdoor experience can also try river swimming, under the watchful eye of the Swiss Life Saving Association (SLRG). 

The best way to see Switzerland’s spectacular summer scenery however, is with a helicopter sightseeing flight over Zermatt, which provides dramatic bird’s eye views. 

Aside from its Alpine scenery, Switzerland is also famous for its food culture. In Zermatt, the “Kitchen Around” tours allow diners to go behind the scenes in a series of top restaurants, meet with local chefs and enjoy intimate private meals. 

Alternatively, visitors can learn the art of Swiss cookery overlooking Lake Lugano. Following a scenic cruise on the lake, guests stop on a waterfront terrace and meet a chef, who will teach them how to create an authentic Ticinese risotto. 

Switzerland isn’t a country famed for its city breaks, but there are many urban attractions to enjoy, including Basel’s art scene, the cultural appeal of Lausanne and the history of Bern, the Swiss capital. Visitors can also learn all about Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, on a guided tour

When the snow retreats and the flowers start to bloom, Switzerland comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colour. Idyllic Alpine landscapes dotted with quaint villages set an enchanting scene, while the smart Swiss cities blend cultural charm with contemporary style. What’s more, the warm climate and pure Alpine air create the perfect conditions for outdoor exploration. 

For visitors seeking unique European summertime experiences, away from the tourist crowds, Switzerland rises above the rest.

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