LATEST UPDATES:  17 Jun 2022 – ‘Thailand Pass’ registration scheme to be lifted from 1 July 2022 (Source: TAT News)

Travellers are to take note of any pre-departure requirements, health and immigration declarations. Please note that requirements for entering Thailand can change on short notice. 
Travellers should be prepared for quarantine-free travel to be paused or suspended in case of changes to the COVID-19 situation.

✈ Entry rules for all travellers

From 1 July 2022, foreign nationals are only required to show proof of either a certificate of vaccination or a negative RT-PCR or professional ATK test result within 72 hours of travel. These can be in a print or digital format.

Random checks will be made on arrivals at Thailand’s international airports or land border checkpoints (in 22 provinces).

Unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers who are random checked and who are unable to show proof of a pre-arrival negative test will be required to undergo a professional ATK test at the point of entry.

If traveller tests positive for COVID-19 in Thailand, they will be referred for appropriate medical treatment in accordance with Thailand’s Communicable Diseases Act B.E. 2558 (2015). The expenses must be covered by the required insurance for foreign travellers, or national healthcare coverage for Thais and eligible foreign expatriates.

  • Pending on their conditions, they may be medically advised to receive treatment in either hospital hotel isolation or community isolation.
  • During receiving the medical treatment – at least 10 days, they must remain in their accommodation only. They should not leave their accommodation unless utmost necessary, and must notify the Communicable Disease Control officer in-charge.
  • After having recovered from COVID-19, they will receive a medical certificate of recovery.


Use the WebBeds COVID-19 Restriction Tool to search the latest travel and health restrictions and requirements 

All travellers should seek guidance from official government sites to confirm and be in the know of travel requirements and advice.
Refer to
More Information for updates and further details:

Stay in the know with regular updates, ranging from entry requirements and public health procedures to local vaccinations and hygiene standards, by the TAT Newsroom:

  • TAT Newsroom Website
  • TAT Newsroom Facebook 
  • TAT Newsroom Twitter 
  • TAT Newsroom – Thailand latest travel requirement as of 17 June 2022 
  • Thailand FDA Approved Vaccines 

In case of emergencies and additional information required, travellers may contact:

  • TAT Contact Centre: 1672
  • Thailand Tourist Police: 1155


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