LATEST UPDATES:  5 Sep 2022 – The Fijian government is removing the requirement for post-arrival testing for international travellers.
No test results or proof of test bookings will be required to board flights to Fiji. 
(Source: Fijian Government)


Travellers are to take note of any pre-departure requirements, health and immigration declarations. Please note that requirements for entering Fiji can change on short notice. 
Travellers should be prepared for quarantine-free travel to be paused or suspended in case of changes to the COVID-19 situation.

✈ Before You Travel

From 5th September 2022, international travellers are not required to book a pre-paid COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test before travelling.

From 7th April 2022, Fiji will welcome fully-vaccinated visitors from all over the world.
Travellers must meet all other normal entry requirements (e.g. customs, immigration and biosecurity).

Fiji currently recognises AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Nuvaxovid (Novavax), Coronavac (Sinovac), Covishield, BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm), Covaxin and Sputnik V. vaccines only.

Please note that fully-vaccinated means that you have received the recommended number of initial doses (usually 2) of a vaccine that Fiji recognises. Vaccine booster shots are considered as additonal protection to full-vaccination.

Travellers (foreign nationals entering Fiji for a holiday) must have proof of insurance for COVID-19 coverage. Many travel insurance companies now include this coverage in their standard policies but if yours does not, you can also purchase one online prior to travel with Fiji Care. For enquiries you can also email them at

The Fiji Care travel insurance will only apply in the unlikely case that you test positive for COVID-19 in Fiji and cover any costs related to that event such as isolation, hospitalisation, testing etc. It does not cover any costs related to existing entry/exit protocols such as required tests.

Travel insurance is not mandatory for returning residents, but it is highly recommended. 

✈ Arrival in Fiji

Upon arrival, travellers can holiday safely with a peace of mind and enjoy the best of Fiji knowing that when sticking to Care Fiji Committed businesses, everyone they interact with will be fully vaccinated. International travellers no longer require a COVID-19 test on arrival.

• Masks are optional but recommended for crowded indoor and outdoor public places (eg restaurants, tour buses, shops) 

 Social distancing is optional where possible (2m) 

 Wash or sanitise your hands frequently 

 While the mandatory in-country test no longer applies, anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms is still required to get tested. Those who test positive will now be required to isolate for a minimum of five days. If they have symptoms after five days, they must complete seven days of isolation. 

Most people in Fiji are vaccinated but there are still some Fijians (youths, elderly and sickly) who remain unvaccinated and vulnerable. Whenever possible please avoid ‘low vaccination zones’.

These areas will change as vaccination rates consistently increase across Fiji.

✈ Departing Fiji

Entry requirements and border controls are in place around the world. Make sure to familiarize with the country’s requirements before departure. Entry requirements may change at short notice, hence travellers are advised to check the latest travel advisory issued by the relevant local authorities before departing.

Depending on your country’s return requirements, you will need to be tested for COVID-19 before you fly home. Costs for a Rapid Antigen test starts from approximately $30FJD . Some countries require a PCR test which starts from approximately $200 FJD. Please check with your hotel as testing costs will vary.

Please take note of age groups that need to be tested as per your country’s requirements.

All RAT and PCR test requirements needed for your return home will be managed at your hotel. Speak to them about your tests when you check in.


Use the WebBeds COVID-19 Restriction Tool to search the latest travel and health restrictions and requirements 

All travellers should seek guidance from official government sites to confirm and be in the know of travel requirements and advice.
Refer to
More Information for updates and further details:

Stay in the know with regular updates, ranging from entry requirements and public health procedures to local vaccinations and hygiene standards, by the FIJI Tourism Board:

  • Fiji Tourism Website 
  • Fiji Tourism FAQ 

In case of emergencies and additional information required, travellers may contact:

  • Toll free helpline for COVID-19 Response: 158
  • Police Emergency Service: 917

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